When Beavers Get Married

When Beavers Get Married

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Who’s in?

When you are in the middle of planning a wedding it is always important to remember those who are important to you and important to your life. Do you really think that you could forget them. That is why it is important not to invite the rich with good gifts but invite those who will love you and show you that love in incredible ways. When we have been set with the choice how do we decide who’s in? Is there a coin flip, or a drawing of straws? Or will you sit down and ponder for ours. 

When I had decide what Bride I wanted to be in my wedding that was the easiest thing I have ever done, that to me is the only important thing. Everyone else does play a significant role but the bride is what the entire wedding is centered around and the obviousness of her joining her man too.. But in reality everyone oooh’s and ahhh’s over the bride because she is so beautiful. 

I am certain that I have the bride that everyone will oooh and ahhh over. Still when I see her I get butterflies there is something about her that I do not know what it is but she just has captured my heart. Like Captain hook has captured Peter Pan and then we fly away to Never never land… ok a bit much i know.

So This can relate to life in many ways, in all instances. When we are deciding who is in and who to choose, remember those who love you. Look into your relationships and see why they are the way they are. Do not forget your friends who have cared for you even when you have not cared for them, Lets be honest Jesus loves us even when we do not love him. 

Look Deeper, Think Longer, Live

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By definition listing is: To make a list of, I guess that includes listing for weddings. Listing could possibly be one the most stressful things about wedding planning. For those of you who are married remember when you had to talk to people at your wedding you hadn’t seen in 20 years. Those people that obviously have to be there but you can’t quite remember their name, and then you have your spouses people who they haven’t seen for 20 years you know for certain you have never even heard their name or seen them…ever. Well we are making a list of these people. Not saying these people aren’t important just saying i can’t wait until reception conversation with long lost friends.

Not to mention when you have two different families you have two different lists with two different sets of friends, for the most part. So that in itself can call for a big wedding, and with a big wedding come big responsibility…like swinging from sky scrapers and saving people with your web blast…oh wait that’s spiderman. No with a big wedding comes big food orders, big drink orders, big places needed, big dance floor FOR SURE, big wedding party, big speakers, big DJ, the big list goes on and on.

This is all the result of listing…Just like making a grocery list, We are making a grocery list of wedding people the only difference is we will not consume them. Which who honestly consumes everything from the grocery store these days, I mean they sell soap…

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Marraige in the mud

So have you ever seen that show “My Big Redneck Wedding?” Especially the episode where the bride comes down the “Aisle” (mudpit) in a jacked up pick-up slinging mud everywhere. Well that just makes me think about how much fun a wedding can actually be but you may have to watch out for the mud.
The planning process will no doubt get a little muddy, but that seems to be the fun part. There is something fun about playing in the mud though. Let’s be honest here who didn’t have a mud fight when they were kids? We all know that the girls would cry when they got mud in their eyes, and all the boys would stop throwing mud and go and try to help the girl. She loves all the attention.

Thats what planning a wedding is like the guy begins to start things and starts slinging mud eventually slinging some in the girls eyes. The girl gets upset and her feelings hurt, but then she just plays off the entire scene, getting her man to further pay her attention. Here’s the best part, we all know he does. And eventually they end up hugging and playfully hitting each other. It plays out like this time after time.

The best part is this: man slings mud, woman slings emotions, together we are all just in a big emotional mud pit of love

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The Beauty of the Bride

In the Word of the Lord we are all counted as the beautiful bride. It does not matter if no one in the world has ever counted us as beautiful we can always rest assured that Christ sees us as his beautiful bride. While I sit this morning and simply just think about the true meaning of the pure bride. Walking in white as a promise to her husband she has been faithful and remained pure. As we walking into the arms of the Lord down the aisle to him we have been forgiven our sin, he cleanses us and set us down the path towards him in a perfect white dress. He is the prize and we are on our way down the aisle. 

Stop and think about how much you have been given. Then listen to the silence in the air. You may here the birds chirping or crickets still singing, but also it is in that silence that the Spirit of the Lord is dwelling. He is dwelling within us as his bride, with me at all times. In the quiet place I come to him with thanksgiving on my heart.

             beautiful bride

When I saw Katie look down at the ring which I was about to put on her finger it was like at first she was in utter shock and then she was completely overwhelmed with joy. There was nothing in that moment that could have distracted our joy from each other. As I think about this, we have been betrothed to be married to our King he has given us a gift as a symbol as well. He took on our sin so that we could be made whole. Giving us this incredible gift of grace. And it is in that moment where we realize that this grace is real and it really completely covers everything that we stand in utter shock. Then we begin to see the Love of our soon to be Groom as he covers us and holds us with this grace. It becomes a part of who we are. Just as the ring I gave Katie became a part of who she was. We now as betrothed to Jesus are covered in his love and there is a symbol on us which proclaims that we belong to Him. 

So the Beauty of the Bride lies in the promise of her husband. He has given part of his identity to her. She accepts it by saying yes, and so the journey begins.

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