When Beavers Get Married

When Beavers Get Married

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Who’s in?

When you are in the middle of planning a wedding it is always important to remember those who are important to you and important to your life. Do you really think that you could forget them. That is why it is important not to invite the rich with good gifts but invite those who will love you and show you that love in incredible ways. When we have been set with the choice how do we decide who’s in? Is there a coin flip, or a drawing of straws? Or will you sit down and ponder for ours. 

When I had decide what Bride I wanted to be in my wedding that was the easiest thing I have ever done, that to me is the only important thing. Everyone else does play a significant role but the bride is what the entire wedding is centered around and the obviousness of her joining her man too.. But in reality everyone oooh’s and ahhh’s over the bride because she is so beautiful. 

I am certain that I have the bride that everyone will oooh and ahhh over. Still when I see her I get butterflies there is something about her that I do not know what it is but she just has captured my heart. Like Captain hook has captured Peter Pan and then we fly away to Never never land… ok a bit much i know.

So This can relate to life in many ways, in all instances. When we are deciding who is in and who to choose, remember those who love you. Look into your relationships and see why they are the way they are. Do not forget your friends who have cared for you even when you have not cared for them, Lets be honest Jesus loves us even when we do not love him. 

Look Deeper, Think Longer, Live

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